Adventure is deeply rooted in all of us, it drives us forward. We desire to capture the lifestyle and stories that inspire us to do the impossible. It is our passion to inspire our audience and to fuel the ambitious. 



Campaign Video

First impressions matter, esspecially in our virtual world. Your website can use our brand video to engage viewers and build trust. For 2 engaging minutes, we will tap into the essence of your company and build a bond with your audience. Every company has a narrative, we will show yours.

Jake Southard Cinema LLC



Gain the trust of your clients through the most effective form of digital advertising. Commercials are the crown jewel of advertising and we will captivate your loyal and new customers alike with our videos.

Jake Southard Cinema LLC

Examples: Television Commercials, Online Commercials, Call to action, & 30 second videos.


social media videos

These quick, attention grabbing videos will engage and inspire your target audience. They are the fastest way to reach and update your followers. Social Media videos are a visual tease that will bring them back for more. Not to mention, they are highly successful in sending promos & discounts. 


training video

Visually entice and cut out the overhead cost of training resources. Training videos drop the learning curve and directly engage your audience.

Examples: Demonstration Videos (how to use a product), Screencast Videos (prep your team for a project), New Employee Videos (make new members feel at home), Compliance Videos (educate your audience), Presenter Videos (content engaging techniques directly to your audience)

Jake Southard Cinema LLC


Music video

We live in a visual era. Separate yourself from other artists by expressing the message of your song with cinematic story. Music videos with allow your listeners to experience your music along with you. 

Over 25 MILLION views on Youtube!

Jake Southard Cinema LLC



Unlike commercials, which are forthright in their messaging and typically utilize an “appeal to the masses” approach, fashion films aim for a softer sell and typically target a niche audience. The proliferation of web video has led to an increase in this ‘genre.’ Brands have taken notice, using this platform as way to forge deeper connections with their audience.

Jake Southard Cinema LLC